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A Birthday at the Park

A birthday at the park

My Mom’s birthday is in July, right after the big festivities of the 4th of July. This year we kept it simple, met at a park, ate, enjoyed each other’s company while the kids played. Summer mixed berry shortcake made by my little sister made a delicious dessert. Ironically she slit her finger open and had to visit urgent care while making this very dessert for us all. Fortunately, she arrived with her hubby just in time to the party!

a birthday at the park

My other sister made us chicken salad, an old family recipe which our father referred to as tuna, which gave us all a big chuckle. My Aunt brought some balloons which were a huge hit. Between the balloons and the tissue garlands it really felt like a party, on top of just being simple allowing us to relax and have fun.

a birthday at the park

Behind these trees is poison ivy and a big warning sign not to venture in. Even though we have been to this park countless times, my kids always ask about it, probably just to get their dad to tell them about his dreaded encounter years ago.

a birthday at the park

Happy Birthday Mom!

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