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2nd Birthday Decorations: Two Sweet 2 year old birthday party

2 year old birthday

Planning parties for toddlers can be tricky! It can be hard to determine what birthday themes will be a success.  But one sure-fire way to ensure appeal to all ages..... is candy. Just about all kiddos love candy; it will be  a hit for the whole family! A candy themed TWO SWEET birthday is a creative and fun way to celebrate your little sweetie and is exactly how we celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday party.

candy bar theme party

We incorporated mostly SMARTIES into our candy bar...i never knew so many different kinds of Smarties existed.  As a mom, I love smarties....they are mostly mess and melt free and don't stain. 


Our mini-balloons are a great addition to the decor of a candy themed bash! Their vibrant color and novel size will capture the attention of any little one.

party bar cart

Securing your balloons out of reach and monitor your little ones (and pets) carefully around balloons to reduce choking hazard.  Our linking mini balloons require no helium.  You simple inflate with air (we recommend a small hand pump, I buy mine for $1 at the Dollar Tree) and tie them end to end.  These balloons have "tails" which makes tying them together a cinch.  These linking balloons are available in many of our pre-packed color combos or choose to create your own color combination.  

We piled up a bunch of our bright honeycomb balls in a variety of sizes for a pop of color underneath our party cart and around the room.

Giant two and tassels

We included balloons in a variety of shapes and sizes at Sydney's party. After all, the balloons are often the child's favorite part! Above you can see our jumbo foil "2" balloon; because nothing says eye-candy quite like a giant, shimmery balloon. You can choose any number and pick from a bold gold, a dreamy rose gold, and a sleek silver.  These giant balloons are a great way to capture your child in photo- and easy way to remember how old they are turning.

2nd birthday party

balloon bouquet

We revealed our newest balloon bouquet for Sydney's party...3 shades of pink, a metallic purple, golden yellow and our classic gold glitter balloons! We have a beautiful selection of party balloon bouquets, as well as the option to customize your own bouquet so you can have balloons in your little one's favorite colors.

fancy drinks

Remember those lovely miniature balloons you saw earlier? Did you know they could even be used to decorate beverages? Fasten them to a stir-stick and add this unexpected pop of color to any drink. We guarantee your children will be all about these fun decorations!



2nd birthday party

We elevated our party punch by incorporating edible flowers. We put them in ice trays to make floral ice cubes. This made our drinks so pretty and special.  You could also sprinkle edible flowers on cake or cupcakes for a pretty touch and a fresh taste. They add instant elegance to any celebration and they are completely kid-friendly.

two sweet

To create  the phrase "TWO SWEET"  we used our fabulous foil balloons. These are self-sealing, completely reusable and require no helium.  Each balloon has tabs to run a string through, allowing you to easily display. A clever caption takes any celebration to a whole new level of awesomeness, especially when it is displayed with elegant, deluxe balloons!

birthday chair

We decorated Sydney's chair with a yellow crepe paper flower and some tissue tassels.  We offer a gorgeous selection of paper flowers. Choose from a collection of dreamy sizes and colors for a perfect complement to any occasion. Pair them with edible flowers for a soft, fresh theme or accent furniture with these soft, lovely blooms that people of all ages will enjoy.


Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Sydney.

birthday girl


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