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Let's start at the very beginning | A very good place to start

Who doesn’t love the Sound of Music? I’ve watched the classic so many times in my younger years I can still hear the music playing in my head. So this is it- my first blog post. I’m happy your here, welcome to my online home! The beginning…honestly, I don’t think I knew what a blog was or had even read one prior to my first son being born in the Fall of 2008. I discovered blogs and spent hours surfing and reading while breastfeeding my young son. You can’t really commit yourself to heavy ready while nursing all blurry-eyed at 2 am! Fast forward 3 kids and who knew the Twigs and Twirls blog is born! You can expect to hear a little Twigs and Twirls, our business but more about my kids and our home/un-schooling life here in Oregon. Anyhoo, really glad to have you here and hope you stick around.

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