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4th of July at our house

4th of july tassel garland

July 4th is always a favorite holiday of mine. Not just because it marks the birthday of our great nation but it marks the real beginning of summer to me! In Oregon we often have rain and chilly weather thru June, but by July….we “should” be able to count on some nice weather. (I say “should” because I have experienced a handful of rainy and wet ones with ruined picnics, fireworks not starting because the ground is too wet and fleece over the top of our cute sundresses-so not cool.) At our house, we like to celebrate traditionally…BBQ, lemonade, fruit salad a special dessert and a fireworks show in front of our home. Last year my mom brought dessert and she went all out with a family favorite, Baccone Dolce. This heavenly and gorgeous dessert is made with merengue, fresh berries, whip cream and a drizzle of chocolate and is perfect summer and it is such a treat. We all first tried this classic italian dessert at a popular Portland restaurant, Papa Haydn and then we were hooked! Our kids (6, 4 and 1 ) get to stay up late to do their sparklers and then we sit on the steps in front of our home and pull the camp chairs out of the garage and watch the fireworks show.

Baccone Dolce 4th of July Dessert

My Mom’s Baccone Dolce. I might make mine with Trader Joe’s merengue cookies, half the time and nearly just as good! A tasty recipe. 

Tassel garlands on tricycle

This is my sweet Stone, my youngest who will turn 2 in August. He has my blond hair, his Dad’s curls and is our loudest child! Tassel Garlands found in our shop.

4th of July cake pops

My sister, Chelsea brought her family famous cake pops. My kids adore them! Fourth of July Straws found in our shop.

Happy 4th of July Everyone and May God Bless America!


God bless America

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