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Balloon Basics

Here are some best balloon practices to achieve a great party look!

 -If you wish to inflate with helium, your local party supply store can fill for you.   What size balloon did you buy? 36 in, 16 in 11 or 9? You need to fill to capacity with helium to have your balloon float. (Reminder 16 in. gold letter/number balloons are air fill only)

 -Hi-float treatment is great and will make your balloons last longer. Hi-float treatment not recommended for most TISSUE confetti balloons. It not used correctly, it will make your tissue confetti clump and look wet.


Clear and Confetti Balloons

-No Hi-float treatment for TISSUE confetti balloons*.

-If you choose to fill your balloon with normal air, confetti will stick to the balloon better. If you choose helium, confetti will naturally pool at the bottom of the balloon* and stick less. Both look adorable! To help with adhesion, create static on the outside of your balloon to help the confetti stick. I like to rub my balloon with a wool scarf/sock. A puff of air from your mouth just prior to inflating with helium will also help. Fully inflate to give your balloon a crystal clear look.

*There is a method to allow your confetti to stick to the interior sides of helium filled balloons; however it is a little extra work. View our Gorgeous Glitter Balloon Tutorial now.

Gender Reveals Hold the balloon up high when you pop for maximal confetti fall time and some great pics!

-To fill a confetti balloon yourself: 1-Stack your confetti neatly like a short roll of quarters. 2-Slightly crimp confetti in the center. 3-Gently push through opening of the balloon. 4-Shake the balloon like a punch ball to get confetti to fall to the center. 5-Repeat with remaining confetti.

 And some basics

-Do not over-inflate, your balloon will pop.

-Balloons are very effected by temperature and humidity.

-Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.  The balloon will deflate slightly in cold air; exposure to warm air will restore proper inflation.  Excessive heat (leaving in your car) could cause helium to expand and burst the balloon.

-We recommend pure (95%+) helium, not a mixture of air/helium.  Many retail canisters for sale contain 60:40, 80:20 mixtures which will reduce lift and float times.

-Balloons are not a toy and pose a choking and suffocation hazard to children.  Adult supervision required.