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Why are eco-friendly paper straws a good choice?

Plastic Straws Pollute.

Choose paper straws and say yes to a cleaner earth, ocean and environment.  One small step YOU can take to preserve our world for the next generation one eco-friendly straw at a time. 

What is the big deal about plastic straws?

We use a LOT of them.  The most common statistic of 500 million plastic straws used each day is likely inaccurate and exaggerated.  More reliable estimates are between 170-390 million each day which equates to 63-142 BILLION straws each year.  Yes, a whole lot of plastic straws!

Paper Straws are an earth-friendly alternative.

Paper straws easily biodegrade quickly and easily in less than 1 year.

Plastic straws cannot be recycled.

Because of their small and lightweight size, plastic straws cannot be recycled.  Plastic straw waste will go to a landfill or may end up in our oceans where decomposition can take up to  200 years!  Straws are considered one of the top 10 plastic marine waste by the Ocean Conservancy. 

Plastic straws are bad for marine life.

This video shows the destructive nature of plastic straws when they end up in our oceans.  A team of researchers discovered a sea turtle with a single use plastic straw embedded in his nostril.  

Making a Difference

Efforts to regulate plastic waste have been increasing. Why is plastic waste such a big issue? Plastic, though affordable and easy to obtain, has a few key issues; some does not recycle well (particularly plastic straws) and it certainly does not decompose well.

A recent undertaking to combat the escalation of plastic waste has been regulate and in some cases outlaw single-use plastic straws. Major cities like Seattle, Miami Beach, Vancouver B.C., Malibu, Berkeley, and San Luis Obispo have already passed bans on plastic straws and others like New York City have pending bans.  Attempts to ban the state-wide use of plastic straws are in the works in Hawaii, California and New York.  Both Scotland and Taiwan already have set bans in place.  Many businesses ranging from corner cafes to multi-nation corporations, such as Alaska Airlines, Starbucks and Marriott have joined this movement in response to widespread concern over the pollution of plastic straws in our oceans. 

What can you do?

Here at Twigs & Twirls we love paper straws.  Even more than all the fun colors and patterns, paper straws are something you can feel good about using.  Paper straws can be your everyday alternative to plastic because they are better choice for our world.  If you are a business looking to make the switch to paper in your establishment, contact us today for a BULK QUOTE.  If you are a concerned citizen wanting to do your part for a better environment you can GET STARTED with our straw subscription box.


 Choose paper straws today!