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How to make glitter confetti balloons, a tutorial


Did you know that when balloons are filled with helium, confetti and glitter will naturally always pool at the bottom of the balloon.  This is simply due to the innate characteristics of helium.  However; our method here will allow you to get your glitter confetti to ADHERE to the interior sides of your balloon.  Please follow the simple method described below.  It is easy and inexpensive to do.  Please read thru all the instructions and limitations before you start and collect your necessary supplies.

Here is how to achieve a gorgeous glitter balloon with helium!  

(Please do not used this method with tissue confetti balloons)

Supplies Needed:

Glitter filled balloons 




The key to this method or "secret sauce" is  Hi-Float balloon treatment.  Hi-Float is a non-toxic treatment to extend the float life of helium balloons.  In our case, we are going to use Hi-Float to "glue" your glitter to the interior of the balloon. Hi-Float will play double duty and  will also make your balloon float longer.  Hi-Float is available through Amazon and but is typically offered at nearly every party store or local grocery store that fills helium balloons.  It is often included with the cost of helium or it could be an extra cost.  Call ahead and check with your local retailer.  You may not need to purchase Hi-Float if your helium retailer offers it.


Now, let's take a moment and talk about helium.  You want your balloons to float, right?  And if you are going to go to the extra effort and cost for pretty party balloons, please, please, please DO NOT USE lousy helium. Lousy helium is impure helium.  Helium in a scarce natural resource.  As the cost of helium has gone up, suppliers will blend mixtures of helium and regular air together to keep the cost to consumers down.  And this mix is still sold as "helium".....please read the fine print!  Your float time of your balloons can be greatly diminished if you use lousy helium.

Remember: Please do not used this method below with tissue confetti balloons

How to make glitter confetti balloons:

The method is the same regardless of the size balloon you use.


  1. Blow a puff of air into your balloon and shake all your glitter confetti to the round end of your balloon (the side opposite to where you will inflate), as shown in #1.  Create a barrier with your fingertips between the confetti area and where Hi-Float will be applied.
  2. While keeping your fingertip barrier in place, slide the balloon on the nozzle of Hi-Float and depress.  Use sparingly keeping in mind the size of your balloon so you don't end up with a goopy mess.  Gently massage Hi-Float on the interior of the balloon evenly -keep that fingertip barrier in place.
  3. Keep your finger barrier in place as you begin to inflate your balloon with helium.  Release your fingers as the helium enters the balloon- allowing the helium to spray your glitter all around the balloon. Bounce and bob your balloon while inflating to coat with gorgeous glitter everywhere!


Glitter balloon tutorial 

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