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Our glitter confetti balloons are pretty stinkin' amazing! We may be a little bias but I think our 1000's of happy customers tend to agree! When you add a little sparkly glitter confetti to ordinary clear balloons- the outcome is just MAGICAL! Here we will teach you the secrets to make your confetti balloons look extraordinary. This is a how-to and is meant to be a DIY page, but if you aren't into that, we got you too. You can just skip ahead and start your shopping journey.

There are a few different kinds and sizes of confetti balloons.

Balloons typically come in 5", 11", 16", 18", 30" and 36". Different brands may vary these a tad. 5" balloons cannot float, i.e. they cannot hold enough helium to overcome and lift the wieght of the balloon. The amount of helium required to fill each successive larger balloon is not linear. i.e. The helium inside three or four 11" balloons is not nearly enough to fill and lift a 36" balloon (Despite 11 x 3 = 33 or 11 x 4 = 44). Rather, it takes the helium of about ten 11" balloons to fill a 36" balloon.  

Confetti Types: Tissue paper confetti, metallic confetti, feathers, pom-poms are a great way to add pizazz to your balloons. Metallic confetti weighs considerably more than tissue and you must use a kind with no harsh or sharp edges. The size of confetti you use should be dictated by the size balloon you are putting it in. This is because the mouth of the balloon gets progressively larger as your balloon increases in size. i.e. it is challenging to get confetti in a 5" balloon and relatively easy to add confetti to a 36" balloon.

Did you know?

Did you know that when balloons are filled with helium, confetti and glitter will naturally always pool at the bottom of the balloon. This is simply due to the innate characteristics of helium. However; our method here will allow you to get your glitter confetti to ADHERE to the interior sides of your balloon.  

  • There are 2 ways to do this.

1- Use HI-FLOAT (this is our favorite and preffered method.

2- MIX AIR + HELIUM (*see below for further discussion).

What supplies do you need?

  1. Clear Balloons: either empty or pre-filled with confetti of your choice.
  2. Confetti of choice
  3. Helium / Air
  4. Hi-Float
  5. Cute String

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Helium FAQ's

Now, let's take a moment and talk about helium. Helium is what lifts your balloon and makes it float. Atmospheric air is simply the air around you and varies in composition by your location and elevation. Atmospheric air is GREAT for making confetti cling to the interior of your balloon but will not allow your balloon to float. One strategy to get your confetti to cling to the interior of your balloon is to mix helium and air together. In doing this you get the benefits and properties of both lift and cling. *This has one major caveat... it can dramatically reduce balloon float time. This is a safe strategy with larger (18"+) balloons, but I generally do not recommend this for balloons smaller than this. If you consider that the confetti inside the balloon is already weighing them down slightly and you also inflate them with less helium, your balloons might not float for the duration of your party!  But we have a solution!

If you are buying/renting your own tank: As the cost of helium has gone up, suppliers will blend mixtures of helium and atmospheric air together to keep the cost to consumers down. Be sure to ask to ensure you are getting nearly pure helium.

Click the video to the left and I will show you the basic process for adding high-float to your balloon. In the video I'm using 11" balloons, but you can do the same for any size balloon. You just need to adjust the amount of hi-float according to the size balloon you are using.  

Step by Step: How to get confetti to stick inside your balloons

  1. Blow a puff of air into your balloon and shake all your glitter confetti to the round end of your balloon (the side opposite to where you will inflate), as shown in #1. Create a barrier with your fingertips between the confetti area and where Hi-Float will be applied.
  2. While keeping your fingertip barrier in place, slide the balloon on the nozzle of Hi-Float and depress. Use sparingly keeping in mind the size of your balloon so you don't end up with a goopy mess. Gently massage Hi-Float on the interior of the balloon evenly -keep that fingertip barrier in place.
  3. Keep your finger barrier in place as you begin to inflate your balloon with helium. Release your fingers as the helium enters the balloon- allowing the helium to spray your glitter all around the balloon. Bounce and bob your balloon while inflating to coat with gorgeous glitter everywhere!

This process is the same regardless of the size balloon you are using.

We DO NOT recommend hi-float with tissue confetti larger than 2 cm square.


Glitter balloon tutorial

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