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Copy of How to Make a Tissue Tassel Garland

You too can have a gorgeous, boutique quality, Pinterest worthy garland. Our kits contains everything you need to assemble your garland and we tell you exactly how to make a tissue tassel garland.  Assembly is easy, does not require you to be crafty and there is absolutely no cutting tissue or measuring required.  So turn on your favorite show and let’s go! 
DIY Tissue Tassel Garland
This example will show you how to assemble a 15 tassel garland. Each color packet contains 5 tassels, (3 colors x 5 each = 15 tassels). Please note colors appear darker in the package than they look assembled….because of the multiple layers of tissue.
  1. Open your kit.  It should contain tassel packets, string and instructions.
  2. Each packet contains 5 sheets of tissue for you to make 5 tassels. Separate each sheet from the top by gently tugging and shaking.
  3. Lay tissue tassel flat.
  4. Roll or fold tightly down the middle crease. (Tassels may tangle and cling together and not be cut all the way thru. This is ok and by design, please leave them like this until step #5.
  5. Continue rolling and folding, fold in half to make a loop for hanging.
  6. Secure loop with thin baker’s twine. Gently comb thru tassels using your fingers and separate fringe with your fingertips.  Repeat to make additional tassels.
  7. Thread your long string (natural colored) thru the loop you created to hang your garland.
  8. Enjoy, Tip: Tassels can be saved in re-used for your next party or re-purposed into lovely playroom or office eye candy!



  • You can also try washi tape or hot glue to secure your loops instead of the baker’s twine that was provided.
  • Are your tassels getting tanged as you roll? Don’t fret! After the sheet is completely rolled shake gently and comb through the tangles with your fingers.
  • Remember this process is really forgiving, you do not need to roll and tie meticulously to create a truly gorgeous decoration!
  • Plan on spending about 1 hour on assembly, longer if you have purchased a kit with 15+ tassels.
  • Metallic/mylar tassels do not hold up to water.
  • (*grab a pair of scissors to snip string as you tie your tassels)

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