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The Greatest Showman Birthday- A modern approach to a circus theme party!


Greatest Showman Party- A Big Hit! 

 Lauren chose the wonderful movie The Greatest Showman for her twelfth birthday theme and we are in love with the results! The Greatest Showman Birthday is a classy spin on a traditional circus theme using bright shades of pink and metallic gold, instead of more common primary carnival colors.greatest showman

Giving your party a movie theme is an easy way to create a unique and memorable celebration!  A movie theme can provide you with the inspiration, for games, activities, favors and color palette.  Feel free to diverge from the traditional interpretation and go creative!

Table setting Greatest showman

Our beautiful decorations added a classy upscale approach to a traditional circus theme for Lauren’s birthday celebration. 
Here we draped streamers from the corners of the ceiling to the light fixture and hung honeycombs from the light for an enchanting and festive decoration.  Streamers and honeycomb balls are still one of our favorite combinations.  Why?  They look amazing, it's easy and its a great budget choice.  Streamers are cheap and can be picked up almost everywhere.  Honeycomb balls are awesome and can be used over and over again. 

We also decorated a blank wall with stylish streamers and honeycombs, poms and balloons for a imaginative backdrop for photos.  Read more about how we created this fun backdrop.
We combined our lovely mini linking balloons with twinkle lights and the results were simply magical! These user-friendly balloons are a fabulous addition to an outdoor or indoor venue. They are quick and easy to inflate, so you can spend less time setting up and more time celebrating!
how to linking balloons


Of course, no cinematic experience would be complete without the movie itself! Lauren and her guests had a blast watching The Greatest Showman outside.


 backyard movie set up
~Happy 12th Birthday Lauren~!
12th birthday party
All images courtesy of Sara Shearer Photography.

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