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How to Decorate a Photo Booth

how to decorate a photbooth

A great way capture guest photos at your event is to set up a photo booth. What is a Photo Booth?  It is simply just a designated picture taking area that will encourage partygoers to pose and snap a pic.  Everyone, regardless of age can participate and it gives your guests something to do as they mingle and chat.  A photo booth can even make those individuals who are hesitant to get in the picture to feel a little more natural about it. Photo booths are a great way to make each guest feel welcomed, appreciated and remembered, just by making a point of taking their picture.  These pictures can be saved for memories sake but are also a nice token for thank you notes.  

 For your photo booth you can go all out or you can keep it minimal.  Start by choosing a space with good lighting, add in a few chair pushed close or a bench. Decide on a backdrop.  No, you don't need an official backdrop. (If you want something fancy, I suggest this backdrop shop.) A blank wall will work just fine and is a fun canvas to dress up.  Balloons, linking balloon garlands, metallic curtains, streamers and tassel garlands are just a few ways to decorate.  These simple items can make your booth look fabulous and fancy.  Consider having honeycomb balls or balloons on the floor, for some extra color and pizazz. Hand-held props, silly hats or some themed dress-up items can make it interesting and even a little silly!  Kids and teens will especially appreciate this.   Add a chalkboard sign or felt letter board  with "Photo Booth" written and your guests will know what to do! 

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