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Jedi Master Star Wars Birthday Party

My firstborn son, Roman turned eight recently.  He loves Star Wars, he is obsessed with Star Wars, and is imagining he is in his own made up galaxy most of the time!  It was a lot of fun creating these special star wars birthday party decorations, just for him!  


The decoration he was most excited about was this nearly life-size storm trooper balloon.  It really is impressive and makes a big (almost 6 ft.) statement.  Caution, we barely got this into our car!  My favorite decoration was the enormous 10ft. custom balloon garland we made in black, white, gray and black polka dot.  We will begin to offer these custom balloon garland kits to our customers in the coming year.


Star wars party decor

We decorated the table with black sixlets and jumbo white gumballs.  We also packaged the candy in clear plastic candy tubes to give to guests as favors.  The boys loved having sword fights with these inflatable light sabers.  Inexpensive and durable enough to last all the rough play during the entire party.


star wars party decorations

I took a risk ordering this Darth Vader plastic cake topper and it was a win!  This thing makes the trademark Vader breathing sounds, really annoying to an adult- but the birthday boy though it was awesome.  It comes with batteries already, flip the switch and plop on top of your cake.  The silver tableware came from our shop.  Spherical black and silver balloons also from our shop (link coming soon).


star wars party supplies


We decorated with a black, white, silver and gray tissue tassel banner from our shop.  We created a custom name balloon, spelling ROMAN from our shop.  Since we don't stock black balloons (only gold) we did a quick spray paint job and transformed them to outer space black.  After they dried we affixed silver star stickers.  I loved how these turned out.  These balloons take regular air, are re-fillable and last forever  After the party we hung them on the back of his bunk bed and they are still going strong a month later.

stars wars party plates

Silver Tableware


star wars candy buffet


Black Sixlets and White Gumballs


star wars party decor


Garland Light Sabers


star wars party supplies


boys star wars party ideas


Straws Honeycomb Balls



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