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How to make and fill your own confetti balloons.

Love this look?  You can do it too, we will tell you how you can create this spectacular look for your party.  

First, the confetti.  You can create confetti with almost any type of Paper.  Use can use construction paper, colored paper or tissue paper.  My favorite to use is tissue paper because it is so light and has soft edges (you don't need to worry a corner popping your balloon).  Fold your paper so there are no uneven layers and punch your desired shape using even pressure.  Tissue paper lacking typical paper heft commonly jams most paper punches, so your tissue must be folded somewhat thick.  The appropriate thickness is  a tricky balance to find: too thin will jam your punch and too thick will also jam your punch.  You can also fold tissue paper within a piece of paper, and that works too. Your local craft store will usually have a fun selection of paper punches in a variety of shapes and sizes.  I like to keep ours simple and we stick to circles and squares.  This little flower shape looks fun to try too!

   pink confetti balloons

You can purchase our ready-to-go metallic confetti too...we offer it in gold, rose gold and pink.

  bulk glitter  


Next, fill the balloons.  The easiest way to fill balloons with tiny glitter confetti with a small plastic funnel.  I ordered this set from Amazon and it works perfectly in our shop.  Stretch the bottom of your balloon over the opening in the funnel, dump in your desired amount of confetti and use a straw to gently push your confetti into the mouth of the balloon.  Glitter confetti tends to get really static-y.  After a while it clings to the sides of your funnel and won't go down into the balloon.  I like to rub the interior of my funnel with some dryer sheets to reduce the cling, it makes filling the balloons go a bit faster.

How much confetti do you use?

To answer this question, first consider will you fill your balloon with helium?  If yes, you need to be careful because too much confetti will cause your balloon to not float.  We encourage you to use pure and high quality helium with confetti filled balloons.  Mixing helium and air together will greatly diminish float time in glitter filled balloons.  Additionally, fill your balloons ALL the way up, don't skim on the helium! Think....if you are already weighing down your balloons by putting solid material inside (the confetti) + using impure helium with less float capability AND not using enough helium ...... you have a recipe for some floor decorations! Yikes!  Please refer to this chart regarding float times and expect slightly less considering confetti is involved.  Do remember using hi-float can extend float time by up to 25x in addition to making your balloons look extra awesomec.  This stuff really does work!

If you plan on just filling with regular air.....use as much confetti as you want!  Generally, the more the better, really!  

Ok, what about the balloons?

We offer clear balloons for sale in our shop...  eleven-inch, sixteen-inch and three-foot.  Do note that the balloons are not clear until you actually blow them up.  Prior to inflation they are kind of a ugly yellow color.  But not to worry, they will be clear when you properly inflate and stretch the latex.  If you have undefilled your balloon they may appear cloudy (not enough stretch). If you use the warm moist air from your lungs to blow up your balloons you might end up with condensation and cloudiness inside your balloon. Or if you filled your balloon up last week and it is still hanging around the house, sometimes the interior will cloud up due to oxidation process taking place over that extended time period.  

So, there are our tips and tricks for making confetti and glitter filled balloons.  If you prefer to skip the DIY and buy the balloons ready to inflate you can check out our inventory of glitter and confetti balloons bouquets and jumbo sized confetti balloons.


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